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By Travis Whatley

Consistency Is Key: How To Post Regularly

Nowadays, your business is only as good as its web content. Your company’s website and Social Media (Facebook or Instagram) content define you and engage possible customers with it. Therefore any business looking to grow and establish its brand must be consistent with its content creation

However, regularly uploading quality content is a challenging job. You need excellent Social Media Management and Content strategy to establish that. This can be made possible by following a strict content schedule, employing social media tools, and hiring a dedicated digital agency to wrap everything together. 

Small businesses in Charleston, SC, have achieved consistency in content creation with the help of social media management agencies like Holy Webs. Let’s see how you can do that too.

Why Consistency Is Key In Content Creation?

Consistent is key in content creation because it helps you handle two vital aspects of your business. First, you increase the engagement of customers with your company via the content. Secondly, consistency renders you trustworthy and reliable to your possible customers. Both of these contribute to the growth of your business.

You Are Always On the Customer’s Mind

People will buy from someone who they know well and see a lot. In other words, someone who can engage them. Newspaper and TV ads did this for companies in the past. Now, it is achieved through quality content. And this is better than ads because content offers the customers some value instead of only talking about your product. 

For instance, studies have found that brands that post on Facebook at least once a day see an average 0.09% engagement rate. Meanwhile, those who are less frequent with their posting see a 0.06% engagement. Also, Instagram has an engagement rate of 1.22% for companies that post daily, compared to 0.80% for those less frequent. 

Most of your potential customers are on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So, the more your business engages them on these platforms, the better their chances of buying from you.

More Traffic Equals To More Sales

Why do businesses build websites? So that they can attract web users and drive them toward the companies’ products. And why would web users want to come to your site? Simple- for the content you offer. So, the more consistently you post your content, the more frequently they visit your website and convert to paying customers.

  • A Hubspot study in recent years found that if you publish content sixteen times a month, you will receive 3.5 times more visitors than a similar website that only posts once a week. 

  • Another report states that your blog’s (aka your business’) follower grows at a rate of 2% when you post at least once a week compared to a mere 0.3% growth for those who post less consistently. All these reports indicate that regular and frequent uploads drive more organic traffic to your site and toward your business.

Trust and Authority 

When you create the content for the web, you have two targets. The first one is the general human audience who are writing for. However, there is also a second target you have to please- search engine robots. 

As you regularly post unique and quality content which are highly niche relevant, it sends positive signals to the web crawlers. The bots understand you have a well-maintained, updated, and active blog. As a result, your ranking on search engine results improves significantly. 

Consistent posting also tells your audience you are knowledgeable, dedicated, and invested in your niche. Therefore they trust you more with their needs and deem you as an authority in your sector.

5 Strategies To Regularly Post Quality Content

There are multiple challenges to face when posting regular quality content. For instance, generating original ideas frequently takes a lot of work. Plus, you have a business to run. How do you find time to create content after caring for all that? Here are five strategies to help you.

1) Let The Audience Define Your Content

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for the next content? Well, why not let the audience help you with that? Once your present content has attracted and engaged readers or viewers of social media, ask them what they want from you next. You can also arrange polls and surveys for a more coherent response. 

Building your posts or videos based on audience feedback is quite an effective content strategy. Firstly, it saves time. You don’t get lost in search of the next time. Plus, it also ensures optimum audience engagement in every posting. 

2) Smart Content Scheduling

You can only post consistently if you plan and schedule ahead. On the first day of the month, you should know your content’s number, topics, and publishing dates in the next thirty days. 

Various scheduling and automation tools can help you with it. For instance, Buffer can help you automatically publish social media posts according to your set schedule. Some other helpful tools are CoSchedule, SEMrush, Google Calender, etc. 

3) Create Your Content In Batches 

Batch creation is an excellent content strategy for consistency, especially for video content. It means you will dedicate a few days in your month to only creating content and nothing else. You will then keep posting them according to your schedule. 

This removes the hassle of multiple shooting sessions. Also, you don’t have to find a few daily hours for content creation. Since the creation phase will be out of the way, you will be stress-free and can plan your posting schedule more effectively. 

4) Focus On Improvement 

Most business owners dread creating content because they think they must create the best content. Criteria like original, unique, or high-quality sound are impossible to maintain every time. And, of course, that is true. 

You must understand that everyone creates something by studying their peers’ works (past and present). So, as long as you don’t directly scrape off other people’s texts and videos, your content will be original enough. 

As for quality, you won’t create the best content in the world on your first day. Maybe not even on the hundredth day. But that does not matter. What’s important is that the content you posted on the hundredth day is noticeably better than on day one. In other words, try to create improved content rather than the best content in the world. 

5) Hire A Digital Agency 

Unless content creation is what you do, the whole affair might seem like nothing but undesired stress to you. Running a business and consistent content creation are both demanding full-time jobs. So, how do you handle both? The solution is to hire a digital agency that can attend to your problems online and in person. 

For instance, Holy Webs digital agency provides social media management services for local businesses in Charleston, SC. A dedicated manager can identify your audience’s needs and consistently create and post content according to current trends. They can handle all the research, creation, and scheduling regarding your content. 

As a result, you don’t have to deal with the undesired stress of consistent content creation but still enjoy all the benefits. 


There isn’t an alternative to consistent content creation if you want to grow your business and get ahead of your competitors. If you are a local business in Charleston, SC, Holy Webs can provide excellent assistance for social media management and developing a suitable content strategy. 

If you need help or would just like an expert opinion Holy Webs is here to help! “Book A Clarity Call” with Holy Webs 

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