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By Travis Whatley

Effectively Monitoring Your Brands Social Media Platforms

With over 4.48 billion social media users, this realm has become the beating heart of online businesses. And out of 24 million eCommerce sites and online retailers, all and sundry is trying hard to get success in the online ecosystem. But how to rule this digital world and make your business stand out in this crowd? Indeed, the answer lies in social media monitoring. 

This monitoring gives insights into your target audience, helping you improve your business. You can’t outcompete the competition and generate massive revenue without knowing how people react to your products and services. But the online world makes all these things difficult, so here we’re to help you. 

In this article, we’ll share the top four monitoring tools that will help your business to grow and leave your competitors in awe. You’ll also get some highly beneficial tips to generate guaranteed results from monitoring your social media platforms. So, let’s go on the way to steal the spotlight and shine among competitors!

Unveiling the Role of Social Media Monitoring for Brand Growth

Before uncovering the importance of monitoring social media accounts for business growth, you should know what it is. SMM is the practice of actively tracking keywords, comments, shoutouts, mentions, service complaints, and hashtags by analyzing social media platforms. This tracking includes metrics like customer sentiment, engagement, reach, and valuable insights. 

In this way, you can follow what people say about your product or brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.  

But how does this monitoring work as a game-changer for content creation and brand growth? The following points will say it all:

  • You become aware of your customers’ interaction 
  • You can learn about your customers’ perception 
  • It empowers you to compete with your competitors
  • You get to know about your brand’s popularity
  • None of your customers’ queries goes unattended
  • It helps to generate new leads exponentially

As a business owner, do you now deeply regret not discovering these unseen benefits until now? Still, it’s not too late!

4 Top Rated Social Media Managing Tools In 2023

So after discovering these jaw-dropping benefits, have you decided to take your brand monitoring game to the next level? 

In this regard, after deep research and checking the results, we have filtered a listing of the top social media tools for brand monitoring that will give you faster and easier ways to monitor your brand’s growth. 

Therefore, get ready to pick one of the below-discussed tools and make a game-changing decision to take your brand to new heights!

  • Brand24 (excels in brand mentions across all major social media platforms)
  • Hootsuite (All-in-one social media management tool)
  • Sprout Social (Ideal for comprehensive social media monitoring)
  • Mention (Matchless in real-time monitoring and tracking brand mentions)

Let’s now discuss these secret monitoring weapons in detail. 

1. Brand24

Brand24 is an ultimate brand monitoring wizard that allows you to track and analyze conversations across various social media platforms, news, vlogs, videos, podcasts, and forums. It also crawls the entire web and shows all your mentions leaving no stone unturned. 

The best feature that makes this tool stand high among competitors is using a Discussion Volume Chart to represent all ongoing conversations about your brand visually. Moreover, Brand24 also helps you get the wealth of your brand’s trending hashtags and analyze your social media accounts’ sentiment, interactions, and reach. Therefore, over 100,000 companies have picked this tool for web monitoring. 


14-day free trial, and the paid plans range from $69 to $349 per month


  • Powerful sentiment analysis
  • Customized alerts for brand mentions


  • There’s no real-time data on lower pricing plans.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media management tool best known for scheduling and streams. This dominant tool allows you to monitor, analyze, and engage with your target audience from a single dashboard. To fuel your social media branding strategy, Hootsuite also schedules the content, track conversations, and unveil valuable insights. 

You can also stay informed about your online reputation by checking the customers’ feedback. That’s possible because of its tracking features, including tracking the mentions based on hashtags, keywords, or locations across social media. These hashtags give your target audience a helping hand in finding you.


30-day free trial and paid plans range from $99 to $739 monthly. 


  • It connects to a variety of social media networks. 
  • It offers scheduling and publishing features.


Cost is high as compared to other tools.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social holds a competitive edge in the digital landscape due to its centralized hub to manage all your social media mentions, messages, total impressions, and engagements in one place. Besides this, its social listening features help you get all the related keywords and hashtags. Thus, you can’t let any mention or customer concern go unanswered. 

Don’t forget Sprout Social also offers in-depth analytics and reporting tools, so you can now get insights into your online performance and track your audience growth. That’s why more than 30,000 rely on this social media monitoring tool. 


It offers a free trial, and the paid plans range between $249 to $499 per month.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer support


  • A limited number of social networks

4. Mention

Mention kicks the hassle out of manually searching for your brand online. It’s worth mentioning that this platform monitors over one billion sources for relevant mentions of your product or brand. Other than a monitoring tool for various social media platforms, Mention monitors across the entire web, including Tripadvisor, Amazon, Yelp and more. 

Whether it’s measuring sentiment, tracking engagement metrics, or discovering influential voices, this tool covers all. A noticeable feature is you can also filter the conversations you want to monitor. Additionally, using keywords to refine your alerts, visualizing your marketing data, and making data-driven decisions is no more of a tricky task.


You can opt for a free trial. Otherwise, the paid plans start from 41 and go as high as $149 monthly. 


  • Prices are highly affordable
  • Simple interface


  • Limited features at lower tiers

Want to Win at Social Media Monitoring? Stick to these Effective Tips

Are you also struggling to gain an edge over your competitors and skyrocket your brand’s success in the digital jungle? We’ve presented some of the most powerful tips that will help you to supercharge your social media monitoring efforts and get exceptional brand growth. These include:

  • Firstly, filter out the best monitoring tool
  • Don’t forget to track brand mentions
  • Check the branded hashtags
  • Say no to long-tail keywords
  • Consider learning from your competitors
  • Keep a good interaction with your customers
  • Lastly, Explore the social listening tool, and don’t let any feature go to waste


Do you want to leave all your competitors in the dust in Charleston, SC? How about hiring a team of experts for your social media monitoring? Attention you all, business owners! Holy Webs is a digital agency in Charleston that can help you conquer social media with its guaranteed services. We not just monitor, but we also specialize in web designing and SEO services.

Here, do you want to know what we mainly cover in social media management? Holy Webs social media manager can offer you the following services and save you 20 hours a week:

  • Content Strategy
  • Facebook Management
  • Instagram Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Analytics and Reporting 

You can discuss your marketing needs through a video call, phone call, in-person meeting, or text and email us. Once discussed, you can directly request a quote

So let Holy Webs take the wheel and enjoy exponential growth in your business!

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