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By Travis Whatley

How To Develop A Winning Social Media Strategy

Unlike conventional online advertising, social media marketing enables you to develop an organic presence and interact with your audience in novel ways. In addition, organic social media provides for meaningful involvement through pertinent conversations, thought leadership, and instructional information, whereas advertisements can occasionally turn consumers off of a brand.

Global internet users log onto social media for 2 hours, 27 minutes daily on average. This number rises as new social media platforms like TikTok become more well-known. Additionally, as more people spend time online engaging with content, brands, and companies may expand their interactions and reach to reach those users.

After developing a website, you can also employ social media marketing as a cost-free method of visitor generation and lead nurturing. Let’s explore what social media marketing is first, along with its benefits, and then how to create a solid marketing plan that strengthens your brand and promotes growth so that it becomes a crucial component of your digital marketing initiatives.

What exactly is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is promoting your business and making sales on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Social media marketing is when your company releases a new product, and you intend to advertise the launch on social media. Social media marketing is when you engage with your clients in online discussion forums. It also counts as social media marketing if you produce interesting material that illustrates the principles and history of your company.

You must have the knowledge and resources necessary to manage social media for this type of marketing. In addition, you must have a plan for your social media marketing, just as you would for other components of your marketing strategy.

Benefits of social media marketing

Social media is used by 77% of small businesses in the US for marketing, customer support, and sales. The advantages of this marketing approach are extensive, ranging from lead generation and branding to customer service and sales. Therefore, any firm should use social media marketing as a primary content platform.

Become more trustworthy

User-generated content (UGC) and behind-the-scenes images of a business can be shared on social media to boost trustworthiness. A verified blue badge can quickly gain credibility if it has a large audience and high-quality content.

Increase brand recognition

Building relationships, establishing authority, and establishing trust is essential for increasing brand exposure in social media. So share news, shout-outs, and advice on the industry in posts that go beyond self-promotion.

Driving conversions and leads

Due to the growth of social commerce, many small business owners now sell things on social media, either directly or indirectly. The LinkedIn Social Selling Index states that 78% of social sellers outperform their rivals who don’t use social media in terms of sales. Social selling is anticipated to grow as web3, and the Metaverse change how brands drive new business. 

Highly popular Social media marketing platforms

These are the best social media marketing platforms with approximate users on them.

  1. Facebook – 2.95 billion users
  2. YouTube – 2.60 billion users 
  3. Instagram – 1.50 billion users
  4. TikTok – 1.20 billion users
  5. LinkedIn – 1 950 billion users
  6. Snapchat – 700 million users
  7. Pinterest – 500 million users
  8. Twitter – 990 million users

Develop a winning social media marketing approach.

A social media strategy is an approach that outlines your objectives for using social media, the tactics you’ll use to reach those objectives, and the metrics you’ll monitor to determine your success.

There’s no need for a detailed plan of action. Instead, having a straightforward strategy with clear objectives and useful metrics would be best. This will enable you to distinguish between the channels and strategies that work and those that don’t.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Determine Your Audience

Establishing your social media target audience should be your very first step. Then, you may use this to produce content that interests and engages them.

Consider their characteristics as well as their needs, wants, and challenges. Customer personas, which are representations of the main segments of your audience, are useful tools for many marketers.

Sort your clients into no more than four clusters, then look for commonalities among them. Include the following, for example:

  1. Age, gender, job title, pay, location, and other demographics.
  2. What kind of content would they be interested in?
  3. Are they looking for a new job? What are their objectives in connection to your content? A better level of fitness? To develop a talent?
  4. The preferred platform: LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, etc.
  5. Do they prefer watching videos or reading posts in written form?

Make a goal plan

Establish social media goals that are precise, measurable, and in line with your corporate objectives. Make social media content to highlight your subscription boxes, for instance, and develop Facebook Lead Ads to expand your audience and visibility. In addition, it would be best to track important social media metrics like conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, cost per click, and discussion rate. This will enable you to assess your success and learn how to improve your digital marketing approach.

Pick the appropriate channels

The most crucial information is that age-specific social media platforms are best for industry-specific content; Facebook and YouTube are great for ads and brand promotion; females are more prevalent on Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, which are popular among the younger generation, and a network that matches your consumer base is best for your customers. Budgeting your time and ad cost can be made easier by being aware of the differences between different platforms.

Analyze the competition

Investigate competitor profiles and content in-depth to learn more about your audience’s preferences and the platforms that produce the greatest results.

Boost Your Profile

To make your brand easily recognizable across all touchpoints, optimize your profile by containing all the information your audience requires, employing keywords and phrases, and applying consistent branding.

Make and gather interesting material

Create and create interesting content to highlight your brand’s personality. Employ hashtags and user-generated content to grow your community and promote your company. To increase interaction, pose a query or poll to collect opinions. Use a content calendar to organize your posts and produce various content. Unfortunately, 33% of marketers need help to produce visually engaging content.

Create a suitable content calendar

Create a content calendar to attract the largest audience and encourage engagement. Find the ideal balance between posting too often and posting less.

Be prompt in your communications with your audience

Communicate with your audience on time to save engagement opportunities and respond swiftly. Chatbots are the most recent method of 24/7 client interaction, response, and assessment, producing a tailored experience.

Regularly report and adjust

Utilize each site’s data to determine which posts receive the most interaction, whether you are gaining new followers, and your audience’s demographics. Then, use what is effective and expand it, and eliminate what is not.


In the world of social media, it’s simple to become sidetracked, which makes developing and putting a strategy into practice challenging.

It’s crucial to take regular steps back and consider the broader picture since you can become so engrossed in your content that you need help seeing the forest for the trees.

Every post you make should serve a purpose and actively advance one of your objectives.

But if you put in the effort, remain open-minded, and aren’t afraid to take chances, your social media plan will undoubtedly pay off for your company.

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